Project Scarves


Do you like to knit or crochet?
Wings & Warriors is teaming up with Operation Gratitude to send active duty men and women handmade scarves.

Operation Gratitude annually sends 200,000+ care packages filled with food, entertainment, hygiene, and handmade items, plus personal letters of appreciation to Veterans, First Responders, New Recruits, Wounded Heroes, their Care Givers, and to individually named U.S. service members deployed overseas and their families waiting at home.
Their mission is to lift the spirits and meet the evolving needs of the Military and First Responder communities, and provide volunteer opportunities for civilians anywhere in America to express their appreciation to all who serve our nation.

 If you would like to knit or crochet scarves to be included in these care packages, you may drop them off at any Wings & Warriors events or fundraisers. 

Please follow these specifications:

  • 4" x 36" (no larger)
  • Acceptable colors: Yard must be subtle colors – darks (browns, black, dark blues, maroons, or camo colors. Stripes are acceptable.  NO NEONS OR BRIGHT COLORS.
  • Yarn should be soft.
  • You must identify what the yarn is made of for each scarf (due to allergies).
  • Acceptable fibers are wools, acrylics, and non-flammable fleece.
  • Each scarf MUST have a note attached to it "Handmade with Love from a Supporter of Wings & Warriors".    For your convenience we have created a tag you are welcome to print out----------->  

    Email any questions to:

    and in the subject line type PROJECT SCARVES